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Quinton for Toddlers

Quinton Isotonic is perfectly safe and beneficial for babies from day old onwards. If you took Quinton during your pregnancy to help optimise foetal and baby health and development in utero then it makes sense to maintain this nutritional support as your baby continues to grow and develop.

Quinton for the Early Years

Supporting physical & mental development in children of all ages. For more than 100 years children of all ages have taken Quinton as part of their development and to help them overcome ill health.

Quinton for Adults

Feeling tired, stressed and worn out? The minerals in Cellnutrition Quinton may help to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing and give a 100% natural and effective energy boost.

Quinton for Fertility & Pregnancy

Cellnutrition Quinton is a mineral supplement which supports fertility and the chances of a successful conception. For pregnant women, it ensures your baby receives all the minerals and trace elements they need while in the womb.

Quinton during Menopause

Menopause is the natural biological process of a woman’s body adjusting to life beyond menstruation and fertility. However, the physical and emotional symptoms of these changes can take a toll on your body and well-being.

Quinton later in Life

We’re living longer and staying fitter and healthier than ever before – but as you grow older you become more susceptible to illness, while degenerative diseases such as arthritis or dementia also become more prevalent.


“I recently had an operation for a prolapsed bladder and uterus. My doctors were astonished at my rapid recovery. I credit the use of the Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic with that. My GP also said my blood looks the best she’s seen it in 4 years, since I became her patient.”


CS: “I started to take Quinton about 4 months ago. In the beginning, I could not feel any difference in my body. Today, I have more energy during the day, better bowel movements and less water retention. Overall I feel a lot better than four months ago. It is amazing what the different combination of intake of the Quinton can do for my health.”


RB: “I was literally on the couch flat out the whole week until I took the Hypertonic. Since I have been taking the Quinton Hypertonic I feel more awake. It seems to enliven me. Having more emotional balance and energy sure helps especially when you have a child and husband to care for.”



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Quinton Hypertonic

In Quinton Hypertonic, these nutrients are present in proportions which mirror the ideal composition of your body fluids but at three times the concentration, and at a naturally alkaline pH level of 8.3 to counter acidity in your body. This makes Quinton Hypertonic the ultimate solution for fortifying and energising cell and body function (including hydration, immunity, gene expression and homeostasis) in people with active lifestyles who have a greater demand for nutrients.

Quinton Isotonic

In Quinton Isotonic, these nutrients are present at levels which mirror those found in human blood plasma and extracellular fluid – your body’s most important fluids – and at an ideal pH level of 7.2 for complete and rapid absorption. This makes Quinton Isotonic the ultimate solution at all stages of life for restoring and balancing normal cell and body function (including immunity, gene expression and homeostasis), supporting optimal development and maintenance of your body, and gently improving energy levels.

Totum Sport 1Box

Take 1 x TOTUM SPORT before exercise, another every hour during prolonged sessions, or at half-time to see you through the 2nd half of a match that lasts over an hour. For maximum recovery, take one immediately after you’ve finished exercise and 5-10 minutes prior to protein/carb recovery products to maximise absorption of these macronutrients.