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Quinton during Menopause

Support your body through the menopause – naturally

‘I had previously taken another product for my hot flushes . . .  but Quinton stopped them completely’ – Sharon (50)

Menopause is the natural biological process of a woman’s body adjusting to life beyond menstruation and fertility. However, the physical and emotional symptoms of these changes can take a toll on your body and well-being. Researchers have found that half of all women have some physical symptoms associated with hormonal changes as they undergo menopause and 25% consider them distressing.

These symptoms can include hot and cold flushes, mood swings, energy loss, excessive sweating, palpitations, joint pains, cramps, headaches, fatigue, disrupted sleep, vaginal dryness, reduced libido, hair loss, skin conditions, weight gain, irritability, poor concentration, and anxiety or feelings of sadness and loss.

Cellnutrition Quinton helps support your body through the menopause by providing your cells with all their mineral and trace mineral requirements in perfect proportions to your body’s needs. By re-balancing your nutritional and cellular health, you will feel fresher, healthier, more focused and have higher energy levels. Your body will be better

Women who take Quinton have reported results in the first 15 days of treatment that include:

  • Decrease in frequency and intensity of hot flashes
  • Improvement in overall state of mind
  • Improvement in circulation
  • Improvement in the condition of skin, hair, and nails
  • Weight loss

The minerals in Cellnutrition Quinton are proven to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing and give a 100% natural and effective energy boost.

Better physical and mental health

All physical, mental or emotional stress causes our body to use up minerals and trace elements faster than normal. This is particularly so during the menopause. Studies have found that the risks of disturbances in trace mineral nutrition and metabolism can be high during this time. By maintaining the correct mineral levels in your cells, your body has the resources to alleviate the impact of the physical, mental or emotional stresses of the menopause.

Cellnutrition Quinton provides 78 minerals and trace elements in a purified mineral solution that comes from a pristine oceanic plankton bloom and is similar to the internal fluids of your body. Maintaining your cellular health supports immune system function and reduces the risk of ill health during the menopause.

Guard against osteoporosis

With Cellnutrition Quinton’s 78 minerals and trace elements, your cells and your body can take what they need when they need it

One of the most serious problems associated with menopause is osteoporosis – a thinning of the bones. Among the 78 minerals and trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton are those that are crucial to maintaining bone quality and guarding against osteoporosis – calcium, magnesium, boron, silicon, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium and sodium.

However, these minerals don’t work in isolation. Mineral interdependency means that your body requires different minerals and trace elements at various stages of the metabolic process. If one is missing then that chain breaks down. With Cellnutrition Quinton’s 78 minerals and trace elements, your cells and your body can take what they need when they need it.

What to take

Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic helps you combat stress, fatigue and depression by increasing mental and physical energy.

Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic facilitates mental and physical balance and benefits overweight, hyperactive and nervous women.