Quinton – Cellnutrition

Quinton for the Early Years

Supporting physical & mental development in children of all ages

For more than 100 years children of all ages have taken Quinton as part of their development and to help them overcome ill health. Brain and nerve development are optimised when babies and children receive the correct balance of minerals and trace elements as part of a healthy diet. This is demonstrated by faster learning, more advanced motor skills, better co-ordination and strong, healthy development.

For babies and young children

Cellnutrition Quinton minerals assist with focus and concentration at school and replace the electrolytes lost playing sport

Your child has different requirements depending on their age and gender. Their bodies require different minerals and trace elements at various stages of the metabolic process.

Cellnutrition Quinton has the correct minerals for your child no matter what their age is. Every vial supplies all 78 minerals and trace elements in  the perfect proportions to nourish their cells and support the overall health of their body.

This means you can be sure that your child has whatever bioavailable minerals they need when they need them – giving their body the power to heal, protect and restore itself.

For teenagers

As children enter their teens, their bodies develop at an astonishing rate. Growth spurts at puberty place an incredible strain on their bodies – with the peak years of growth tending to be between 11 and 15 years for girls and 13 and 16 years for boys.


During this period several nutrients are at greater deficiency risk, including iron and calcium, so it is vital that they eat a healthy and balanced diet. Taking Cellnutrition Quinton will ensure their cells have the minerals to absorb maximum benefit from their food, and convert that food into energy. This means they will be better able to cope with growth spurts, while the remineralising of the body can also helping combat ‘growing pains’ and improve skin conditions.

Tough mental activity also takes a heavy toll on energy and minerals levels, so teenagers who take Cellnutrition Quinton can benefit from increased concentration levels in school and during exams. For teenagers taking part in lots of sport, Cellnutrition Quinton replaces electrolytes lost by sweating to maintain better hydration, stamina and focus.

For Children with Autism

There has also been exciting research into the benefits of taking Quinton supplements for children with autism. Some health practitioners are now recommending using Quinton before and alongside CEASE therapy. There have been reports of significant health improvements soon after starting taking Quinton, including increased socialisation, expressive/receptive language, eye contact and cognition.

The recommended regime for these children is 1 x vial of Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic in the morning and another in the evening on an empty stomach.

“We start children with autism on the Quinton Isotonic and we have them take one vial in the morning and one vial in the evening – both on an empty stomach for two weeks. This does such a phenomenal job in rebalancing minerals that we receive phone calls stating how much children have improved! Long-term, these minerals support the biological terrain, which is the space in between cells where most of our body functions are either carried out or supported. This means improved cellular nutrition, detoxification, natural re-hydration, immune system support and intestinal support.”

Sima Ash, CHom
Certified CEASE practitioner, Homeopath and Nutritional Consultant

What to Take

Babies and children of all ages  should take one vial of Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic per day to support their healthy development.

Particularly active teenagers or under-pressure students studying for exams can benefit from taking one vial of Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic to replenish their mineral levels and provide them with an energy boost. They should continue with daily consumption of Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic.