Quinton For the Toddlers

Quinton Isotonic is perfectly safe and beneficial for babies from day old onwards. If you took Quinton during your pregnancy to help optimise foetal and baby health and development in utero then it makes sense to maintain this nutritional support as your baby continues to grow and develop.

The nervous system including the brain develops rapidly as your baby starts to learn all about the world around it and develop their own characteristics. The immune system is still very immature when a baby is born and although there is some protection from maternal antibodies in colostrum this reduces significantly in breast milk and so the protection provided by Quinton helps to keep your baby well and healthy. Quinton has a long history of helping maintain good digestion and nutrient absorption for a healthy digestive tract and body. René Quinton himself and his Drs worked out regimes that saved many babies who had severe enteritis from cholera and typhoid as well as malnutrition These babies went on to lead very healthy lives thanks to the support they received at the start.

Improve heart and blood clotting ability to raise healthy heart and nerve muscle

As your baby gets older towards 4 years old there is still a lot of growing and learning ongoing, with plenty more to come! As children get older they are socialized with friends and other toddlers at playschool and other activities in the community. Once they are walking there are lots of new things to explore, many of which end up in the mouth not to mention fingers too! It is important to continue to support the immune system because although it is now more mature and able to learn to deal with the surroundings, it is still very naive and needs all the continued support it can get from Quinton.Babies and young children should take 1 x Quinton Isotonic daily by mouth. Many babies instinctively know it is good for them and like the taste.

Why being bioavailable matters?

Quinton is created when billions of microscopic marine plants called phytoplankton absorb inorganic minerals in the oceanic vortex bloom through photosynthesis. They in turn are consumed by tiny animal plankton called zooplankton before their mineral-rich secretion is released in the ocean. This is why all the minerals and trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton are 100% organic and 100% bioavailable.

For Babies and young children

Your child has different requirements according to his/her age, stage of development and gender. Their cells all require all the different minerals and trace elements even if they are responsible for different functions in the body. Cellnutrition Quinton contains all the minerals and trace elements your child’s cells require no matter how old they are. Every vial supplies all 78 minerals and trace elements in the perfect proportions to nourish their cells and support the overall health of their body. This means you can be sure that your child has whatever minerals or trace elements they need when they need them – giving the cells the power to heal, protect and restore themselves. Cellnutrition Quinton minerals assist with focus and concentration at school and replace the electrolytes lost during play