Totum Sport – 1 Box (10 Sachets)


TOTUM SPORT is a single serving hypertonic ready-to-drink supplement in an easy-tear foil sachet. For maximum benefits it should not be diluted or otherwise altered.  Using 1 sachet prior to exercise and another for recovery immediately after exercise – 5 mins before any other protein/carb recovery products for maximum benefit. It is important to have rest days and not over-train.


Take 1 x TOTUM SPORT before exercise, another every hour during prolonged sessions, or at half-time to see you through the 2nd half of a match that lasts over an hour. For maximum recovery, take one immediately after you’ve finished exercise and 5-10 minutes prior to protein/carb recovery products to maximise absorption of these macronutrients.

For optimum performance, athletes in any discipline need a constant balance of mineral salts. Whenever this is disturbed by excessive sweating; especially in heat or with hard physical exertion, symptoms like fatigue, cramps, injuries and an increased recovery time are more likely. When blood glucose starts falling vision and decision-making are adversely affected. TOTUM SPORT prevents this and maintains field and depth of vision and decision-making ability. Co-ordination and reaction times are maintained too.

In an improvement on any other commercial sports isotonic drinks, TOTUM SPORT provides the body with all the 78 electrolytes in hypertonic form that can be immediately assimilated by the body for fast, all-round intracellular rehydration to establish and maintain optimum mineral balance and peak performance.

In scientific research carried out on real athletes, TOTUM SPORT increases the blood sodium levels which favours recovery from fatigue. It also increases the bicarbonate levels to maintain the blood’s natural pH buffer to control lactic and metabolic acidosis and prevent muscle injuries or cramps. It favours the mobilisation of carbohydrate energy reserves needed during performance. By maintaining proper muscle function TOTUM SPORT decreases the risk of muscular and tendon injuries.

TOTUM SPORT is 100% organic and natural. It ensures the body performs to the best of its ability but is not performance enhancing beyond this. It is not classified as a banned doping product and is approved by Informed Sport. It contains NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGARS, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, NO COLOURING AGENTS OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS or any other banned substance under any known rules.


10 Sachets, 40 Sachets


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