Although Totum Sport has already been used in the highest level of sports for many years, Informed Sport have tested and confirmed that Totum Sport is a safe supplement that athletes in any sport can trust.

TOTUM SPORT provides benefits in all key areas of Performance and Recovery whether you’re an elite professional athlete, a keen amateur or just looking to reduce the pain of getting fit again.


Performance Increase for all …

totum_caja_ok-600x600Whether you’re an elite professional at the top of your sport, a keen amateur looking to beat your Personal Best, or just looking at getting back into exercise in order to get fit again TOTUM SPORT can help you avoid the pain whilst achieving the gain. There’s no such thing as “No pain, no gain” any more!!!

All athletes at all levels are all looking for the same basic benefits from their sports supplements even if they’re for different reasons. TOTUM SPORT helps everybody achieve them all ….

  1. Maximum hydration is important not only for performance but safety too. In hot and humid climates hydration can drop off quickly and cause dangerous health issues before you are aware of what is happening.
  2. Regulates a steady and sufficient energy supply to ensure strength with stamina but without the glucose spikes that stimulate insulin spikes that can lead to stomach and muscle cramps common to glucose-based “sports drinks”.
  3. No more muscle cramps, reduced risk of muscle tears and no post-exercise soreness.
  4. Better concentration and nerve function for better co-ordination and reduced risk of injury.
  5. Better overall performance for longer.
  6. Optimal recovery.


Professional Sport Gains

Whether an individual athlete’s income comes from individual winnings on their own behalf (eg tennis, boxing etc) or from a salary from a club (eg football, cricket, rugby etc) their level of performance determines their level of income. For individual athletes playing for themselves, higher performance and reduced injuries maximises their earning potential, not just from prize money but from sponsorship deals etc too.

How often do we see teams win or lose matches in the last 5-10 minutes of a half? It isn’t bad luck, its poor performance physiology that allows this to happen. It is frequently the team that can keep their quality of play going right up to the final whistle that nicks a winner or grabs a draw when it wasn’t looking likely. For the other team, the efforts of pressing harder than they can sustain for the full time are ultimately their downfall. It can result in letting the opposition score and/or giving away more fouls. These situations are totally avoidable and unnecessary with TOTUM SPORT. Would you rather be the team that gets the late winner or equaliser or the one that has a player sent off, concedes the score and loses the game?!

For Clubs, there are extra benefits not just from winning more trophies and increased game revenues but increased player valuations and transfer fees, reduced squad size requirement due to fewer injuries, less injury pay, fewer medical bills, increased kit sales etc. With the increasing TV revenues in sport too, averaging just one place higher in the Premier League will more than pay for the investment in TOTUM SPORT for the players.

Forward-thinking players who invest in themselves by optimising their own performance will reap the rewards of a higher salary, more offers to sign for better clubs leading to more opportunities to play on the “Big Stage” for Club and Country to win more Competitions and medals.

TOTUM SPORT is not just beneficial for the more physical sports. Players of more cerebral and technical sports such as golf, snooker, darts etc will gain as much from the increased concentration, co-ordination and maintenance of fine motor skills, as an athlete who gains from being faster and stronger for longer.